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Ichigo Momomiya (桃宮 いちご ,Momomiya Ichigo) is the series' main protagonist. Ichigo is merged with the DNA of the Iriomote Mountain Cat, giving her the ability to transform into Mew Ichigo, a powerful heroic cat girl Mew Mew.


Ichigo Momomiya is a typical 13-year-old school girl until one day she realized that she is merged with the DNA of the Iriomote Mountain Cat. With a kind heart and lovely smile, Ichigo is liked by everyone. She is quite tomboyish and ditzy.

Ichigo in the anime Tokyo Mew Mew/ Mew Mew Power started with she and her crush went to a date. Her first crush was Masaya Aoyama who is a popular school boy.

More about Ichigo MomomiyaEdit

Ichigo Momomiya is illustrated as a typical 13-year-old school girl who was having a crush on Masaya Aoyama. Her character is almost the same as everyone out there. She's helpful with everything and was very strong. She doesn't have a very good academic since she always falls asleep in the class when teachers' are teaching. She's even lazy to complete all the homeworks given for her Summer Solstice.

Further more, Ichigo's parents are very friendly and lovely in this anime. They often talk sweetly with Ichigo and even joke with her. Her beloved Mum and Dad often feel that she's still a small kid but they then realized that she's growing up in some of the episode.

Looking at her lovely rounded cute eyes and cute tied red hair, you can think of that happiness and loveliness are surrounding her. Everyone in this anime liked her even her once enemy, Kish ended up obsessed with her. Dont forget about her other friends and mew too.


Masha was originally created by Ryou Shirogane and was named R200 before it was handed to Ichigo. Masha is basically a robot created to detect Chimera Animas and Mew Aqua. It is coloured in Pink and having a darker pink lovely tail behind of its rounded-shaped body.

In Tokyo Mew Mew anime adaptation, Masha is gendered as a Male instead of a Female. Masha is voiced by Junko Noda. In the Mew Mew Power English adaptation, his name is changed to Mini Mew/ Minimew instead and was voiced by Tom Wayland.

Name ChangesEdit

1. Was known as Ichigo Momomiya typically.

2. Soon, after she knew that she's one of the Mew Mew Team member, her name was known as Mew Ichigo for people who knows her real identity.

3. Quiche (Kisshu) called her "Honey" and "Kitty Cat" for once.


Guess all of the fans would prefer Ichigo and Kish to be together. But some may wish that she could keep in like with Masaya Aoyama. Both of the guys liked her and even Ryou Shirogane was once obsessed with her. Just keep on watching this anime and you'll find out all the hidden stories! (ah, you can Google them)